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Satisfied Customers
Creviston Computers

Here are just a few of the 100's of satisfied customers.



I bought a new hard drive from Creviston Computers and the service and guarantee was awesome. The price was also lower than any around. Thanks Creviston Computers.
Dave Damron. Upper Sandusky, OH.
Hi,  I just bought 2 custom built 800mhz systems from Creviston Computers, and let me tell you they are GREAT. I had the first one built and after the great service i recieved and price i had to have another one. WAY TO GO CREVISTON COMPUTERS.......
Chris Ream. Nevada, OH.
Hi, I just wanted to write and tell you that the service, price and warranty i recieved from you was excellent. Being a college student and working full time is very hard and time consuming but you guys at Creviston Computers have made it alot easier. The new PC i bought from you not only made my school work easier it made it alot faster with the 1.9 mhz. Pentium i fly through my homework.
James Wheeler, Kenton, OH.
Creviston Computers upgraded my pc from a 200mhz. to a 750mhz. Jamie Creviston checked out my system for me and suggested to me what i needed, boy am i glad he did. For less than $200.00 I am now flying through games and the internet at 750mhz. speed. Thanks Jamie.
Brian Wages. Forest, OH.
We have 2 pc's at our home but we were always fighting over who was going to be on the internet. Creviston Computers solved our problem.
They installed a home networking system connecting both our pc's. Now we have both pc's online surfing the internet at the same time for the same price it was costing us for one. You guys are GREAT. Thanks alot.
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Filler. Marion, OH.
This is only a few of the 100's of satisfied customers at Creviston Computers.
Thanks for the comments.
Jamie Creviston.

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